GROW your business

E-Newsletters are essential to grow your business … here’s why



Q: What is the key purpose of your business?

Many people think that the purpose of a business is to earn a profit, but they are wrong! The true purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer.

A business is successful when it creates and keeps customers in a cost-effective way, therefore increasing its profit as it continues to survive and thrive. E-newsletters do this more cost effectively than any other means!

Q: What is the key requirement of your business?

Your business needs to position itself in the customer’s mind that you and your business provide the very solution to their needs with the services or products you have available.  Your job is then to continually reinforce the quality of your services so that once you have won that customer, you have that customer for life. 

The key requirement for wealth building and business success is for you to add value in some way. All wealth comes from adding value. All business growth and profitability come from adding value.

E-newsletters add more and more value to the customer experience.

Q: Does effective communication improve revenue?

Effective communication is crucial to success. As a result of effective communication, a customer keeps faith in you and your business. They stay happy with what you provide which leads to more opportunities for continued engagement.

The fact that they engage with you and your business again and again, and that they bring their friends is a key determinant of growth and profitability.

I think you’d agree that the reverse is true:

poor communication will turn potential customers away from your products and services

Q: How often do you communicate with each of your clients?

Being in business today requires regular (if not constant) communication with your clients.

When your client wants a service that you offer, you want no delay from them to contact you … is that right?

Well, a regular e-newsletter to each client (that they actually enjoy receiving) is the most cost-effective way to keep in contact with them.

As your business grows you accumulate more clients, so it’s almost impossible to have the time to phone every client every month or two … or make an appointment to visit them regularly.

E-newsletters provide the method to systematically communicate with each and every client every month or two, providing them with information that is industry specific, relevant, time sensitive &/or entertaining.

Q: What is the lifetime dollar value of a client to you?

I think you’d agree that it is worth investing in a regular small outlay to maintain a strong relationship with your clients.

Every e-newsletter is personalised with your clients first name and the main message in the intro is signed off by you – so this is a personal message from you to your client every issue … so very powerful!

When your client requires your area of expertise, your client is reminded of you and your business.

When their need arises, your client will contact you to assist them because you are “the one” that comes to mind.

Q: Are you wanting to expand and grow your business?

Of course!

It’s been proven that with e-newsletters you get YOUR clients doing more business with you, and you get MORE NEW clients … new clients that come from referrals because your current clients are so happy with what you do for them.

We’re sure you’ll find our E-Newsletters are:

  • a friendly low-key reminder of you and your business
  • professionally designed and communicate, engage, and retain your clients
  • a value-add to your clients with regular,relevant, and interesting content they enjoy receiving
  • an excellent referral method to introduce new potential clients to your business

Why Use our E-Newsletter Service?

Our professionally designed e-newsletters communicate, engage, and retain your clients.

Because of this your clients stay loyal and happy with you and your business, which means they are happy to refer others.

Why? … because your clients genuinely enjoy getting their regular newsletter with such interesting, informative, educational, and entertaining content they are often happy to share and pass on their newsletters.

Why are our newsletters such a great marketing tool?

Our e-newsletters are:

  • regularly forwarded on by your clients to family, friends, and colleagues so your referral rate increases
  • cost-effective – initially just cents per issue to each client, then zero cost to you when forwarded on by your clients