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to have your own attractive & branded e-newsletter


It’s easy to get started …

Our 3-step approach will create your uniquely designed e-newsletter for your business. It will validate your business’ credibility and confirm you as the “go to” specialist in your industry.

1. We Listen

MY INDUSTRY NEWS takes the time to understand what it is that you want and how to best showcase your brand and business.

We talk with you to better understand your business and service offering.

We organise to get your logo, beautiful photos and images that you want in your e-newsletter and discuss how we will build your e-newsletter to your specific design within the timeframe we both agree to.

2. Create

We create your business e-newsletter, send you the draft and work with you to fine-tune the design.

3. Deliver

We finalise and deliver your individually branded e-newsletter and ensure that you are 100% happy with its look and feel, because we know that every business deserves its own unique brand and style.

When you have approved your design …

We will then discuss and confirm your needs in relation to:

  • your e-newsletter campaign frequency rate, and
  • whether you wish to prepare and send out your e-newsletters yourself, or
  • you want to focus on running your business and get MY INDUSTRY NEWS to prepare and send out your e-newsletters on your behalf.

Please note that all e-newsletters are sent from an email address that you nominate so it always looks like it comes from you




We have two options to consider for the look and feel of your e-newsletter template:

  • Option 1 - standard template where we offer 6 colour themes (budget priced)
  • Option 2 - customised template where we match your website branding & colour schemes

This cost is a one-off design fee to cover the cost of designing your e-newsletter template

Costs for:

Option 1 - $198

Option 2Price On Application (POA)

Service Options

We have two options for you to consider on who you want to prepare and send out your e-newsletter for each issue:

  • Option 1 - a “Do-It-Yourself” package*, &
  • Option 2 - a “Full-Service” package whereby MY INDUSTRY NEWS prepares and sends a draft e-newsletter to you each issue. Once approved by you we send this out to your client subscriber list. This service allows you to be able to concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

* If you choose option 1 (the “Do-It-Yourself” package) above our bespoke software is very easy to use. Full technical training is provided to get started and is ongoing as and when you need it.

Subscription Costs for:

Option 1 - $143 for one issue per month

Option 2 - $253 for one issue per month

12-month plans are also available as follows …

Subscription Costs for:

Option 1 - $1430 for unlimited issues per annum (paid 12 monthly in advance)

Option 2 - $2530 for up to 24 issues per annum (paid 12 monthly in advance)

Campaign Frequency

Although it is highly recommended that you subscribe to a monthly e-newsletter campaign schedule (to keep regular contact and be in the forefront of your client’s mind) you can also choose bi-monthly or quarterly campaigns.